truly believe Oro Valley is one of the best towns in America, and that it can become even better with new leadership. 


Community involvement has always been one of my greatest passions.  Sports has been another.  And I don't mean just the enthusiasm of an athlete or spectator, but as someone who appreciates the value they can bring to a community, the way they can engage our youth, the lessons they can teach them, and the opportunities they can create when partnered properly with the right charities or local businesses. 


Bringing people together and championing the best ideas for the greatest good of the community is my number one goal.  It has been a part of my professional history, is now in my current consulting role, and will remain so moving forward.  I will make better decisions based on my experience and expertise - decisions that are well-researched, absent of personal interests or agendas, and always in the interest of the greater good, now and in the future.

A vibrant Oro Valley will have more places to shop, work, dine, exercise, explore and have fun, and I believe we can achieve that in a smart and sustainable way that will not only lead to the overall health of our economy, but also protect the natural beauty of our environment.  

And I will be a champion for better public services WITHOUT the need for residential property taxes to fund them.

But most of all, I'll make sure your voice as a resident is heard, valued and respected.