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Make Oro Valley Excellent
Help Champion Our MOVEment!

Stunning landscapes, safe neighborhoods, great streets and parks for our families, and good businesses for young professionals.  Our town founders could see how much promise was right here in Oro Valley.  Let’s build and maintain the MOVEment: Make Oro Valley Excellent.  Let’s work together to help our town stay true to that vision, to deliver on that promise, and to keep our town on the right track as one of the best towns in Arizona.


Oro Valley has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the safest, cleanest, and most forward-thinking towns in Southern Arizona.  But that didn't happen by accident.  Since its founding in 1974, the Town has run on a tradition of inclusion, transparency, and community-driven decisions. 

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We need new ideas about revenue generation.  Our leaders need to be dedicated to fiscal responsibility.   As residents, our voices must be listened to and heard.  We need to encourage smart business development, and work to create an environment that keeps our younger generations engaged, involved, and invested in our community.  And we need to build the trust and morale of our civil servants, especially the men and women in uniform who are so crucial to our very safety.

Make Oro Valley Excellent – Areas of Focus

  • Public Safety 

  • Leadership Transparency

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Sports & Recreation

  • Health & Fitness

  • Water Use Wisdom

  • Performing Arts

  • Hospitality & Retail

  • Education

  • Roads & Pathways

  • Open Spaces

  • Business Retention & Expansion

  • Workforce Development

  • Attainable Housing

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This is Zoie, also known to the neighborhood kids as "Meatball."  She graciously agreed to serve as the official mascot for my "Erceg for Oro Valley Town Council" campaign.  We fell short of the votes needed to win a Council seat in the August 2 election, but Zoie has agreed to stay involved in return for an ample supply of food and love!

Our Vision

Our town leaders must articulate a clear vision, make wise decisions, and stay focused on our priorities - while being flexible, looking ahead, and listening to residents in making decisions. 


Stunningly beautiful landscapes, safe neighborhoods, businesses, streets and parks, and a wonderful blend of growing families, young professionals, and playful empty nesters.  The town of Oro Valley is absolutely one of the best places to live - not just in Arizona, but in America!  Since our founding 47 years ago, residents and town leaders have worked together to make it so.  It is our responsibility to our founders and our residents to make what is good...great. 


The pandemic taught many lessons including how quickly and dramatically change can happen.  So, as we move forward together, our leaders must do so with a clear vision, make wise decisions and stay focused on our priorities - all the while being flexible, agile, and looking ahead, listening to residents and being transparent in making decisions. 

I believe our top priorities are public safety, fiscal responsibility, and economic development.  We must be dedicated to improving an already awesome community WITHOUT introducing a residential property tax!

Our Priorities

Economic Development


When the residents of Oro Valley created and approved the 2016-2026 General Plan entitled “Your Voice, Our Future”, our residents acknowledged the need for long-term financial sustainability which would be enabled by a diverse and robust economy.


The General Plan set forth the foundation to guide and direct the community and economic development priorities of local government, which include:


  1. Developing and sustaining a diverse and robust economy that supports long-term economicand financial stability in the community and avoids a local property tax

  2. Establishing economic development policies, strategies and programs that retain businesses and attract new investment to Oro Valley, thus supporting a wide range of services, including shopping, housing, high quality parks, natural open spaces, recreational amenities, arts and culture, and exceptional town services. 

  3. Promoting Oro Valley as an ideal destination for new economic activity ranging from advanced technology employers to new shopping and tourism attractions.

  4. Supporting strategic annexations that are economically beneficial to the Town while enhancing the social, aesthetic and environmental quality of the community.

  5. Being responsible environmental stewards so that the natural beauty around and within the Town is preserved for current residents and future generations. Generating economic vitality and new job creation for local residents and businesses.

We must ensure that Oro Valley remains committed to attracting and welcoming new residents and businesses.  Further, Oro Valley has a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  We must encourage our Community & Economic Development Director and other organizations like Sun Corridor and the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce to develop and implement our CEDS that incorporates a dynamic Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) program.

Strategic Annexation


Annexation is the process by which municipalities incorporate new territory into their municipal boundaries. Annexation has been an important tool for the Town of Oro Valley since its incorporation in 1974. As a result of Oro Valley’s 48 annexations since 1974, our community now encompasses approximately 36 square miles.


Some 13,000 adult workers who live in Oro Valley drive to another community to work. So, by continuing to annex commercially viable nearby properties, this will help ensure that our residents will enjoy a wide range of new employment opportunities, services, and amenities such as housing, shopping, and dining.


Our town’s services are supported by construction sales tax. 

Annexation brings additional revenue to our Town to include new sales tax collections, hotel occupancy tax, some shared state income such as state income tax, highway uses revenue, vehicle license tax and state sales tax. These additional revenues will ensure the continuation and funding of services such as smooth roads, public safety, new parks, recreation opportunities, etc.


There must be adequate due diligence, including timelines for development.  Homes reduce taxes, generate far more revenues than costs and provide customers for businesses.


Some important questions come to mind:

  • How can we help retain our existing businesses and help them succeed?

  • How can we bolster new businesses, industry, and talent attraction?

  • How can we support economic development and effectively work with the business community?


We must be responsible environmental stewards who support growth as well as the natural beauty of our geographic area.  We must be committed to bringing together the public and private sectors to ensure that Oro Valley delivers “business friendly” services.



We must encourage our leaders to be transparent when presenting opportunities and making decisions.  And we must maintain a sense of community without creating division between differing perspectives. Town residents and our leaders need to serve as partners, not adversaries.

Our Values

We must bring our collective experience and expertise in and leave any personal agendas out. For Oro Valley to continue being one of the best towns in America, we need to bring people together and champion the best ideas for the greatest good of our community.  We must make good decisions that are well-researched, absent of personal interests or agendas, and always in the interest of the greater good, now and in the future.

A vibrant Oro Valley will have more places to shop, work, dine, exercise, explore and have fun.  We can achieve this in a smart and sustainable way that will not only lead to the overall health of our economy, but also protect the natural beauty of our environment.  

We must work together to maintain exceptional public services WITHOUT the need for residential property taxes to fund them.