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For Oro Valley 
Town Council
- Why I'm Running _

Stunning landscapes, safe neighborhoods, great streets and parks for our families, and good businesses for young professionals.  Our town founders could see how much promise was right here in Oro Valley.  I want to help our town stay true to that vision, to deliver on that promise, and to keep our town on the right track as one of the best towns in Arizona.

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This is Zoie, also known to the neighborhood kids as "Meatball."  She has graciously agreed to be the official campaign mascot, and agrees that we have great things ahead for this election, and for Oro Valley.


Town residents need to be treated
as partners, not adversaries...

- Hello - 

Where We Are:  Oro Valley has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the safest, cleanest and most forward thinking towns in Southern Arizona.  But that didn't happen by accident.  Since its founding in 1974, the Town has run on a tradition of inclusion, transparency and community-driven decisions. But in the last three years we've seen the majority on the Town Council turn away from that and lead us down a different path.  We are seeing stagnation where there should be growth, secrecy where there should be openness, and the beginning of an erosion of our services that need to be addressed before it's too late.

Where We Need To Be:  We need fresh leadership on the Town Council, new ideas about revenue generation, and a renewed dedication to fiscal responsibility.  Our residents should feel like their voices are being listened to and actually heard.  We need to encourage smart business development, and work to create an environment that keeps our younger generations engaged, involved and invested in our community.  And we need to regain the trust and rebuild the morale of our civil servants, especially the men and women in uniform who are so crucial to our very safety.

Two quick statistics that are
of great concern to me...

in debt

This is a record in debt we have incurred over the last three years.


 Our town has never operated with a deficit like this before now.

- About Me - 
- About Me -

I've never run for public office before, but I believe now is the time for me to give back.  The most important things to know about me you can find out by clicking below.


Our town leaders must have a clear vision, make wise decisions and stay focused on our priorities - while being flexible, looking ahead, and listening to residents in making decisions. 


Sports, community involvement and helping small businesses thrive have been the cornerstones of my career. I'll bring that experience and expertise in, and leave any personal agendas out.  


A loving family and true friends have been major blessings in my life. Oro Valley neighbors have also been important. I want other young families to have the same chances when they raise their kids here as I did.